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Foundational Truth Series  

This 14-volume series by Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter is recommended for new believers or believers who have never received follow up on the Foundational principles of the Christian life.

Fatherly Talk Series  

These series are a compilation of Pastor Johann’s weekly talks which first began with some devotional talks with his own children, and expanded to include more bible students (online). Later, such talks include those who are partners and friends of the ministry.

The Spiritual World  

“The Spiritual World,” written by Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter after some spiritual experiences in March 2006, aims to prepare us for life in the Spiritual World after our earthly departure.  

Spiritual Man Book 2

This book has been made possible through transcribing a series of messages that Pastor Johann taught on ‘The Spiritual Man 2’ which was like the continuation and further development of the book by Watchman Nee ‘The Spiritual Man’.

The Road to Glory (PDF)

Autobiography of Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter. 

Holiness Series 1 (PDF)

Holiness is one of the most fundamental attributes of God. God is our Father and to know him better we need to appreciate and understand this basic attribute of God, so we know how to approach him. 

Meditation Scriptures  

Meditation scriptures to build up our spirit man.

Soulmates In The Bible

This book re-looks at all relevant Scriptures in order to establish as to 
whether there is such a concept as soulmate in the Bible.

Prosperity Through Grace 

There has been much written about prosperity in the many years since the faith movement. Essentially, the doctrines and teachings of prosperity are Scriptural but they lack two things: they neglect the fact that there is also a false financial prosperity which is empty and from the devil, and secondly that it is not necessary to be full of material blessings to prove God’s grace and favour upon one’s life. Many times those who grasp at such teachings are those with greed in their eyes and mammon in their hearts. This book seeks to provide a balanced teaching. It is for those who have been hurt by prosperity teaching; who wonder how to reconcile the many wonderful and beautiful passages of God’s Word of abundant provision without going to the extreme of rejecting such wonderful truths of biblical prosperity. 

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

In 1986, the Lord Jesus appeared to Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter and taught him the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. This book is written as a result of that divine visitation.

Logos King James Version  

Translated from the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament with retention of the flavour of the English version of the 1611 King James Bible as its English base.