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Foundational Truth Series

This 14-volume series (updated in 2014) by Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter is recommended for new believers or believers who have never received follow up on the Foundational principles of the Christian life.

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1. Meditation on God’s Word 2. The Three Baptisms
3. The Laws of Healing 4. The Laws of Health
5. The Laws of Prosperity 6. Demonology
7. The Laws of Prayer 8. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
9. Knowing the Ministries of God 10. How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
11. Growing in Agape Love 12. Developing Your Devotional Life
13. The Doctrine of God 14. The Second Coming of Christ
Foundational Series Sermons (2014)

Other Languages:

Volume 1 “Meditation on God’s Word”   Burmese

Volume 3 “The Laws of Healing”   Burmese