July 2016 Outpouring

Case 1 Enoch B Mnisi : I thought I should share what transpired as we were praying last night in formations... Thank you

The Chariots
(NKJV Strong's Bible) 17 And Elisha prayed, and said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 18 So when the Syrians came down to him, Elisha prayed to the Lord, and said, “Strike this people, I pray, with blindness.” And He struck them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.i Immediately after the singing, I sat on my chair and continued praying and making melodies in the spirit. I heard the words CHARIOTS......Then there was a pause ... I wondered for a moment what this could mean ..them the scripture in Psalms flashed to my mind (NKJV Strong's Bible) 10 And He rode upon a cherub, and flew; He flew upon the wings of the wind. Then a voice said the Chariots are here... I didn't see anything then but as I continued in worship in the spirit.. I saw them from the west burning with fire,the horses themselves were shiny glowing white but on fire. Just standing there. Pastor Johann ,Pastor ARuel were the first to get on their chariots and took off deep into the heavens, the other chariots just stood waited, I got the impression that we all had to pray abit more to get on and be taken up.. I didn't want to force anything ,so I just prayed in the spirit seeking the face of the lord. The interesting thing about this, is that every horse knew to whom it was assigned. Like their Our individual DNA resonated with each specific one.. When I sensed the one assigned to me, it knew it, then It's Name flashed Shayelmayalnak. I guess it was for me to pray for it to be merged, so I just prayed on and waited on the lord. After this got the impression that it has to do traveling in the spirit world and heaven, seeing that Elijah was taken up by the chariots. One other detail was that on every chariots there a Angel or being wearing white robes and golden breastplate over their chest written The Lord is the Righteois King ..but they were burning with golden fire. They did no speaking, there was a seriousness as it were on they faces...then the vision ended

Heavenly Journey
I continued to just pray in the spirit and kept meditating upon (NKJV Strong's Bible) 8 When You said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” A few minutes later into the mediation and prayer. The angel or being on the chariot, said "Come on, it's time to go..." Immediately when I stepped on my whole physical body burned with Fire. However the travelling would not be as I thought. In my mind I thought we will ride until we got to wherever we were going ,but to my surprise .after stepped on, In a twinkle, we arrived. In another section of the throne room, because there it wasn't the usual setting, it was a white glowing room, with a transparent golden surface. I got off the chariot but my feet didn't touch the ground ,they were bit elavated.. getting off the chariot. I was welcomed by a man Like creature, who had feet like a calf and the face of a man that shown brightly .he had 6 Wings, of transparent like nature, they didn't look like feathers, but bright substances of light..they seemed to me like they were alive.. He Said "Welcome.. The fullness of time has come for the lord to release His Glory, the people have not been prepared and ready but now they are..." I said How.. He said Watch.. Then before Me a vision was shown me...(before I go into the vision, as this creature was speaking and showing, my soul kept thinking what's happening, I need to write this down.. A thousand things were just going through my mind... As that happened the vision was fading and disappearing, because I noticed the voices of people praying , then it was like the creature knew what was going on, he said "Relax, just enjoy and flow in the experience, youLl write later"... It a while to adjust but once I entered the peace state again, the vision the creature was showing continued..

The vision of the glory
I saw the people of God worshiping and praying over a long period.. As they were praying and worshipping. White Smoke like substances was coming out from them and building up above them. I noticed the more they did that the thinker the smoke like substances would become. The confluence of smoke that was rising from the brethren became a think growing cloud until got a critical mass. Then from the throne came bolts of light and thunder into the cloud such that it became very bright with the glory of the lord and noisome. There were rumblings inside. Then the four living creatures stood under the cloud on four corners and their wings touched each other. As they did, the glory in the cloud was released. Then the vision ended... I think they were channeling the glory into us.. Then he said "hurry now, you have to go to the other side of heaven "... I got on the chariot again .and In a second I was in front of a huge Mansion... Just before I could ask anything , I was inside the mansion.

Paul and The Books
I was standing in the part of the mansion that were filled with books uncountable,almost arrayed in ancient like style, some were big and some were normal .with different wrappings. Just as I was wondering what was going on. A man with a familiar face walked up towards me... Immediately I had the knowing it was Paul.. Then he said with a smile "Welcome... Remember when I met you some time back and i told you about the Race of walking closest to Him, well these are some of the books about Mysteries of the Lord " then he paused ,and turned to reach for one book. He held it in his hand. It was oak brown with shades of gold. The book was in Gold letters "Secrets to walking with the lord". It was written in a heavenly language..the letters became English in my soul as I tried to read in the language. Paul said take it and learn. Then as I did I had the desire to see what was inside... Then a voice said "open it".. I opened first few pages. It was all heavenly pages. Then three Headings from three pages leaped out. The First was written Humility, Love for His word, Servanthood... I couLdnt continue reading because Paul said " You have to go meet Enoch now".. Before I could even get the chance to thank Him, I was at the throne room, standing before the Being of God on the Huge Throne. I couLdnt see from his waist upward, could only see the huge sandals and the glorious white robe that reached to His ankles. I was impressed not to look up. But somehow I knew he was smiling. Them from the side of the throne a man came walking out.. With something in His hand.I thought this must be Enoch. Before he said anything ,he touched my forehead with His right finger..and my physical body shook in trickles for a while..then He too said "welcome ..take this, it will help you receive the glories and prepare you to meet the father .." I took it, then certain things happened that I can't remember ... He went further to say "let me explain the keys pastor Johann gave you.. The first one is For Authority , the second one is for access into new Jerusalem when you ready...and about the third it will be revealed later on..." After he said all that he smiled and Said "it's time for you to go now".. Then the vision ended and again I was aware of my surroundings. The whole vision took place from 2:20 - 4am .. But to me it felt like it was 15min because in heaven things to happen so fast.. In all this may christ be glorified
Case 2 Caroline Otuma : I woke up in the morning at 7.45am UAE time to watch Friday miracle service that had just ended 1hour ago in USA. I was expecting God's visitation in my sleep but when I woke up and realized the Lord had not visited me I considered myself unworthy. I proceeded to listen to the recorded live service and the formulas of how to be trasfigured and kept on wondering if I should go back to school so as to gain understanding. I prayed inwardly to God to please give me spiritual understanding and the 7 fold spirit because end time teaching is something I have never been taught since my entire life in ministry.

Then we entered into worship; immediately we started worshipping after Dr. Johann had arranged the 4 representatives of the living creatures and all others in the middle, with our hands lifted high. I too started worshipping pleading for God''s mercy.

Overwelming power of the Holy Spirit took over my prayers then tears started flowing from my eyes and just like that, unexpectedly the Lord appeared to me. I was overwelmd with joy, gratitude filled my heart as I kept on telling the Lord that actually I was not expecting His visitation because I am nothing. I was shocked at the same time joyful that He actually visited me and i was not left out in July visitation. The Lord just looked at me and said nothing. He appeared in a long white robe and sandle's on His feet with another linen cloth on His shoulders. He had with Him a shepherd stuff. As the vision became clearer, I saw that from his heart came great light and all around was great light with so many angels all around Him. 4 angels were operating my stomach and abdomen removing things and putting things back. I continued worshipping the Lord as uncontrollable tears flowed from my eyes like a baby. Then looking unto Jesus I saw on His left hand was Dr. Johann On Jesus right hand was a shepherd stick and in front of Jesus were several sheep. Jesus laid His right hand on my head and Dr. Johann moved to the right hand of Jesus and laid his hand on my head too. Jesus then said "I have given my servant to you , listen to him". At this moment the whole place was now burning with fire. Energy was realize on my head and angels were still doing operation in my body. They were working very fast. The whole vision took about 30 minutes.
Case 3 Melissa Chor :
8 July : The moment we entered into prayer, a huge eagle flew towards me. I said "I'm ready for my heavenly experience". The eagle took me up to Pastor Johann's mansion in heaven, to the garden behind where I would always be when I was at his mansion. Pastor Johann was sitting there writing some ancient words on a big flip chart. He turned and smiled at me and said "I've been waiting for you to come". Then Pastor handed my scroll to me. I asked him if it contained my heavenly name: he said yes. Then I asked if it also has details regarding my pre-earth & destiny. He said yes. End of vision.

Throughout the night, I saw many faces, animals and other things like structures and stones but I could not make sense of it all. Except that it seemed almost tangible & real like in an open vision but my eyes were closed all this time.

No visions onwards. Then I noted the time was already 5.18am. I quickly stood up for the last hour of prayer. And I told the Lord, "Please do not pass me by!" A few minutes later, I suddenly spoke in a very intense almost hysteric tongues totally new to me. And then both my hands started to shake and went into a rotating movement. And my head & body went to & fro. I could not control it: it felt like energy pushing & bending me backwards. Then I started to sob loudly as I felt God's love. And then I began to laugh 'hahahaha'. I could sense the joy of the Lord. And I told the Lord I don't want this to stop. This manifestation lasted up to 30 mins till 6am. At the end of prayer, I saw a golden ball of light entering me.

13 Jul @ 9.30pm : I saw a man in white hooded robe with a staff in hand walking towards me. And he was also carrying a lamb. Pastor Johann said the man is Jesus. Before the meeting ended, Pastor Johann said to all of us that Jesus wants to manifest himself to us and told us to continue worshipping for another half hour.

So I went to a corner and knelt down to worship the Lord. Within seconds, the man in hooded robe appeared & this time round, He removed His hood. I saw a brightness about Him & the first thing that struck me were His eyes- they are beautiful & I could see such gentleness in His eyes. He said to me, 'I love you, my daughter. I love you.' And then He showed me His nail-pierced hands and said, 'I had done this for you.' I wept & wept. Then I saw Him in a white robe which was a pure white and brightness all around Him. I heard these words 'Those who follow me hears My voice.'

Then I saw Jesus in the heavenlies, He opened a door and I saw a huge long table with some articles on it. It looked like some kind of feast is taking place.

Then the vision changed to Jesus with the little lamb. He released the lamb who ran towards me. I lifted the lamb up and it licked me all over my face. Then I went to Jesus and sat with Him under the tree. And He said 'Commune with me and I'll teach you many things and revelations.' Then I saw Pastor Aruel sitting with Jesus and many more people joining us to learn from Jesus.
Case 4 Giselle Chance : I was not able to attend these precious meetings in Washington, but I have been receiving richly online. I definitely know many things have been deposited into me.

Friday 8th July is my birthday and I felt a very strong spiritual connection and pivotal change taking place within my spirit. I literally begun to feel and think like a different person, and some of my thought patterns have also changed. I would like to testify about what I have received during this outpouring. I have felt the glory of the Lord is several forms but mainly as:
a) A Weight of Glory
b) A flowing river
c) A burning - shaking and hot hands!
d) A deep unending stream of joy
e) I have prophesied to myself in prayer??!!! ( a first for me!)

Lastly about two months ago I had my first and only dream thus far which involved Pastor Johann. He simply came to me in the spirit and handed me a box of food and I took it. The dream was so short! I am not sure what this dream means..but I have opened my spirit to receive all God had for me through Pastor Johann. I rejoice that this outpouring has conincided with my birthday...it has now become symbolic for me somewhat.
Case 5 Natasha :
8 July @ 0830am : I prayed and saw a scene (when i was praying about the outpouring in June i saw 3 scenes). This morning i saw the 3rd scene. I saw 1 single drop on water coming down on the window of USA
At worship
I was leading worship and the when worship started, suddenly I couldnt feel my whole body as in I felt just numb and couldnt feel my feet. I could feel like an extraodinary anointing came. One that i have never experienced before. And even though I didnt see anything but i felt very charged in the spirit.
Worship ended. So I came back to my seat and I felt so heavy i put my head down and then an angel came and gave me a piece of what looks like a triangle white flat bread. So I ate one. The angel gave me another and said," have another one". So I ate it too. Angel gave me another and I took it too. I didnt stop eating. Angel kept giving me and I continued eating. I was stuck in the chair with my head down resting on the seat infront. Then I laid back in the chair because I didnt have the ability to sit as per normal. I slumped in chair and i was numb all the way till about one and a half hours later. All this while I was eating the bread from the angel.
After ANP sermon I went to listen to the messages on the 7th july 2016. I listened to ask, seek and knock message. After sermon I went to pray as according to the sermon. I was reminded of about 10 things that the Lord has told me about that he will bring to pass. So my next question is " Lord, when are you bringing this to pass? What is the timing like?" I sensed the answer is "in this outpouring". One of the things is the complete healing of my eyes. Another is the straightening of my shoulder blades. I have been diagnozed with my shoulder blades having been pushed and have gone out of place due to the extreme and constant heavy weight I carried while in my teenage years. So I went into the knocking stage because I knew the what and the timing. As I prayed throughout the night I saw the different healings take place along with other events with family members. These are all in the 10 things that the Lord has told me about. I prayed through to Saturday morning.
I came home and slept 2 hours. At 11am spore time I turned on to livestream and listened to the following day 8th july USA 7 to 10pm teaching. Its a continuation of the 7th july "ask, seek and knock sermon". After that I went onto the 8th july ANP sermon. I finished at 3 plus in the afternoon in Singapore time. I knew I had to push through in the knocking till 6pm. I followed the USA time of prayer. They were praying till 6am. I followed. As I prayed, I was reminded to focus on the things the Lord promised me that He will bring to pass physically in this outpouring. I focused and prayed.
I prayed and suddenly I saw Jesus come and He laid His hand on me. Physically I was crying. I can't explain why I cried. Its like it was coming from my belly. I felt He said," Receive what I have promised you. You asked me what is going to happen in this outpouring? What exactly is the outpouring? I will bring to pass what i have told you. And you will live to tell many, about your experiences in this first outpouring."
As I prayed I saw scene 1 again. The one where there was huge rain coming down on USA COG building. And I saw clearly the cement or clay pieces falling off me, the big downpour was washing away these pieces off me. These pieces were molded on me. They took my body shape. And they were thick and heavy. As these pieces fell off me. I saw how thick they were. I was also crying as I was praying. I dont know exactly why but I felt like I was being washed from within me. I also saw those who are in cog, everybody was receiving some kind of cleansing and healing.
Then back to the scenes of what the Lord promised me. I stayed focused and prayed all the way and didnt let go. I only broke fast after I finished prayer.

12 July
In the morning as I prayed i kept seeing the same 1 drop of water or rain that fell on the glass window of usa cog. Dad looked at it. The rest of the people were in the back ground.

13 July
The same drop of water I saw on the glass window of usa cog.

14 July @ 0830am
I saw the same drop of water on the glass window of usa cog. I kept praying but the vision was as it is. Then much later about an hour later i was still praying i saw an angel come. He opened his palm and within it is a small pool of water. He said to me,"Take a drink." I drank. I finished it. He said,"Take another". In his palm another small pool of water appeared. I drank again and I finished it. He said, "Drink some more". I looked and another small pool of water appeared. I drank again. All the way throughout the day as I went for class, even though I was in class it felt like in the spirit I never stopped drinking the water.

15 July @ 0830am
I saw the same drop of water on the glass window of usa cog. And the same angel came with water in his palm. He stretched his palms out to me and I stretched out to drink. When I finished it, he retracted his hands and i retracted too. He stretched out his palms again. And there was that little pool of water. I drank and its exactly enough for 1 slurp. He said, "Keep drinking". Then I saw other cog people also coming to drink from the angel. Its like i see 2 scenes, I saw myself drinking, but I also saw all who is under the covering of COG, is also drinking from the angel.

At worship
I saw Jesus come to me. I saw Him and I knelt down. He placed His hand on my head and blessed me. Then He gently led me to stand me and I saw us walk together. This went on throughout worship.
At the altar as I sat to pray during ANP, Jesus came and we sat together. He said ,"You are precious to me my daughter. Receive all that I have for you. I have been wanting to give them to you. Receive it. "
All throughout the night as I prayed this vision was the one that kept coming up. It was like this scene of Jesus looking at me and telling me - receive all that I have for you was stuck to me all night as I prayed.. there was this wanting to pray, and eagerness to pray, not because solely I want to receive from the Lord. That is one of the reasons. But within me, was a feeling like I just love to pray. I just love to see Jesus and me together, like a snap shot taken of us. Liken this vision got imprinted in my heart.
Case 6 Cynthia O'Hara : 6 July : During the overnight prayer, I was standing leaning to the wall and suddenly I saw a vision of a simple wrought iron gate to enter a garden. Then the Lord said "You are invited to my Garden!" Then I saw myself holding hand with someone entering the garden! A few second later, a sister was tapping my back inviting to pray together. We had a wonderful time praying then.

Then at the last 15 mints before morning (when we prayed loudly in spirit from 1am till 6.30am)... this happened :
I felt a ball of fire like a meteor hitting earth … but entering my chest and stomach … so strong that I yelled because it is like riding a roller coaster … I felt like fainting … like being switch from a DC to AC electricity and there was a nano second I felt a lack of oxygen. The thought that came was perhaps this is like the first time God breath life into Adam! My tears runs wild and a liquid lava poured all over my body. I was on FIRE - so hot!!! And everyone at the room was screaming in tongue
Case 7 Christabell-Marian Gabrielson : On July 10th : About 30mins into when we started praying, I saw a figure like a man but as a huge light, walked in and straightaway went to the position of Ps Johann. I did not see Ps. Johann nor the four as humans anymore but they were all looking like that same light I saw coming through the door. Then there was a lightening that continued sticking in the room for a while in different colours. The colours further on changed to a variety of shapes, dropping on us. The suddenly, I saw the lightening hitting everyone which looked like as if everyone was being electricuted and then I got stricken.

And the next thing I remember was the sense of someone standing in front of me with opened arms to give me a hug. Knowing how much I Love to hug people, I effortlessly reached out my hands to hug back. I am not sure if I had my eyes opened or closed but I saw what looked like bright sharp light coming out of the eyes then instantly, It felt like electricity running through my whole being. I fainted and fell but I felt a hand lifting me up and i heard a voice saying, keep your hands up and open your mouth wide. The moment I did what I was asked to do, I could feel the electricity intensifying within me then the person with me whisper to me saying, follow me. Then I saw myself watching me standing in front of someone with what looks like a flask or jar in my hands and a napkin and out of the flask or jar was coming out a thick white steam.

Then I saw a picture of a room with musical stand with musical book and a stick on the stand. I watched myself grabbing the stick and conducting a group of people who were in a class but all in white. It urged around for some reason and found myself at a place where everything was just like crystal white with people singing and dancing gracefully. Then a hand grabbed me and said this way Christabel, suddenly there appeared a different room and the first eye contact I had was a man sitting on a high chair with a glow on the face and the eyes were like the colours of the rainbow. He smiled and said, welcome Christabel (the name mentioned was with more syllabus but I only heard Christabel) my daughter and asked a man in an off white gown, who was standing on the right side of Him, who looked like Ps. Johann handed me a book then said to me that 'we have been waiting or you, move on'. I smiled then turned around to the direction that he (Ps. Johann) was pointing me to.

I found myself in a different compound with multiple gates, then a man said in a melodious voice, 6 keys set and six keys set. I asked the meaning but he said the one who stands at the right hand of the Most High will reveal this mystery to you. You now have been charged to remain here and only return with fire and love only when you are asked to. Asked who he was and he said My name is Jeremiah, I have been with you since you were a child, I left and returned when you came back. Your people had been waiting on you to lead them to the Father. He then said, listen to all instructions from the Man on the right hand because he has the detail of you and the ark. I then said thank you but how do I get back to where I was to see the man? He said desire and flow.

Upon my returned to the place where Ps. Johann gave me the book, I saw what looked like a big ceremony. Five men, one standing in front while the remaining four stand directly behind him. The one in the front was Ps. Johann and in front of him was a huge bright light shaped like a man. I saw clearly the two big feet. In front of them was a great number of people, all in white but some had distinct touch to their gowns, singing and dancing. Surrounding them were what looked like elderly men, in a prayerful posture. A bowl was handed to me by a woman and for some reason, I held on tight to the bowl as if it was mine. The woman who handed the bowl to me now touched my hand and I saw my hand literally like a flame of fire or a bright shining light and said, you are at home. The man who was at the right side of Him who sat on the high seat will instruct and when you follow the instructions he gives carefully, then only will you feel and see my presence as you experienced.
Case 8 Lawrence and Fiona :
5 July 2016 COG Washington D.C. Worship session
Lawrence's account:
During the worship when Pastor Johann went to the stage, I saw a light nearer the pianist and then a different brown shade of light like a hood above Pastor spreading out. There was also a bright light inside Pastor's abdomen. I asked 'Who are you'. He replied 'Gabriel and I have brought a few others with me - Raphael etc. I can't remember the names of the others. Later Fiona said it was Michael and Phanuel. There was a canopy (grey colour) over Pastor as well.

Fiona's account
During the same worship session, I saw a big longish grey cloth with thin white stripes. I asked what was it, then the answer came: Canopy. The word 'This is the day of the latter rain' came to me.

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