Miracle Testimonies

Case 1 Melissa was healed of her arthritis pain which plagued most of her body for last 20 years. When the power of God came on her, she knelt immediately in a position which is never possible for her as her joints are mostly stiff. Strength came to her joints and muscles, and she ran on the spot, and then quickly around the auditorium.... something she can never do in the past. She is now pain-free and loving every moment of it. Praise the Lord! You can read her story in her own words here Video footage
Case 2 Mr Quek (Regina Quek’s brother) testimony: "Early this year, I was hospitalised for 2 weeks. Nothing my doctor gave me made any difference. I had x-ray, CT scan etc, that showed nothing. Day by day my health deteriorated. I was desperate and planned to see the doctor again. However on the day of my appointment , my sister informed me about the miracle service. So I decided to go for the service instead. At the service, Pastor released strength/energy over the congregation and I received it by faith. It was only 3 days later that I realised I was completely healed and regained my strength/energy back to normal"
Case 3 Annaliza Tubania (Liza) was healed of nasal polylps grownth in her nose, which she suffered for almost 10 years. Details
Case 4 Natasha Lau testimony: The Lord gave me a brand NEW stomach! Details
Case 5 Saptuyah Mhmd testimony: My father is healed from the terrible skin disease that he suffered for about a year. Details
Case 6 Joyce Tay testimony: Healed of stage 3 cancer. Details
Case 7 Sonia Vaswani's family testimony: Multiple miracles! Details
Case 8 Angela Lim testimony: Healed of colonrectal cancer Details
Case 9 Lidia Linda Tjo testimony: Her father healed of pinched nerve in the bladder and colon Details
Case 10 Joyce Chin testimony: Healed of a lump on shoulder Details
Case 11 Isaac Wong testimony: Healed of knee and ankle problems Details
Case 12 Lorene Mills testimony: Healed of various body ailments Details
Case 13 Elder Chong Wai Ying testimony: Healed of infectious disease Details

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