Reply to False Rumours and Fake News

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With the internet and social media, a number of false rumours and fake news have been circulating about Dr Johann Peter. The following is the correct version:

Dr Johann Peter had a painful and broken past in Malaysia. We have five pages of documents on the TOG AGM that proves that there was NO financial problems. He had committed adultery with an adult and left the ministry for two years and went under probation for two years under AOG Australia at the Cook Assembly of God under Pastor Keith Ainge and then Pastor Sean, which he completed. He also has five written testimonies from church elders whom he served with in Canberra (Cathedral of Grace), that testifies to his moral uprightness in his dealing with everyone and his integrity in church finances.

Unknown to many, except his close friends, Dr Johann had lived a single life since 2009. He had not pursued legal separation until he was advised to do so by the Council of International COG (Cathedral of Glory) Leaders in a church special leaders’ meeting with attendance from all major leaders from Australia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia. He has complied and finalised his legal separation but false rumours and fake news still continue to be circulated.

Those who circulated the false rumours and fake news –

  1. Have NOT sought to meet him face to face or to meet the Church Council of Leaders face to face but instead have chosen to circulate altered, edited, inaccurate versions of his private emails to potential soulmates whom he had corresponded with. The Bible states in Matthew 18 that all accusations must be brought to the accused face to face, and together with the leaders to allow the accused to answer the allegations. Dr Johann Peter has clearly stated that he is open to meet, together with the Church Council, any genuine accusations backed up with facts against him.
  2. Are NOT satisfied with decisions made by the Church Council of Leaders and instead seek to punish Dr Johann Peter for email correspondence. Dr Johann Peter has NOT had any physical sexual relationship with any other woman since 2009. He has corresponded with potential soulmates and if one reads the whole context of the correspondence, he clearly emphasizes that there should be NO sexual relationship before marriage. His reason for discussing areas of love and sexual relationship in email correspondences is because to him, these are foundational areas to establish any good potential marriage (having learned from his painful past that harmony in these two areas are very, very important to a good strong and sound marriage). The Church Council of International COG Leaders determined that there were mitigating grounds for the correspondences and that Dr Johann Peter has NOT crossed the physical line into sexual sin, and have issued their statement of support for him in a Statement dated 4th March 2017 (Appendix below).
  3. Are those who do NOT truly know Dr Johann Peter for the kind, righteous, holy and upright person that he is known to be by those who are close to him. Dr Johann Peter is generous to everyone to allow them opportunities to serve God and many serve in the ministry closely but don’t really know him personally.
  4. NONE of those who are accusing him and attacking him can clearly state what sin they are accusing him of, instead they circulate edited versions of his private and personal correspondence obtained illegally and try to generally malign his personal integrity and character.

For those who hear such false rumours and fake news, it is their challenge to judge righteously. Either Dr Johann Peter is one of the most holy man who lives closely with God or he is the most sinful man as portrayed by the devil, who is always the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10-12). Always listen to BOTH sides BEFORE you reach a conclusion.

Hear for yourself all his sermons and teachings, and judge, “Are these the words of a holy righteous man or are they the words of a sinful man?” 

If he is truly the Voice that Cry at Midnight, and the man God raised to prepare the church for the Coming of the Lord Jesus (as John the Baptist prepared people for the first Coming of Jesus) then indeed, he will be the prime target of attack by the devil, the accuser of the brethren, so that people will NOT hear the Voice nor the important messages and revelations brought forth for these endtimes!

He that has no sin, let him cast the first stone (John 8:7)

He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches (Revelation 3:6)


Subject: Statement by COG Leaders International.

[COG Leaders International consist of all associated pastors of COG churches worldwide, those called to the Foundation & Pillars of the Four Living Creatures, the Twelve and their spouses, and leaders of various sections of COG International Leadership Structure].

From: COG Leaders International 

Date: 4 March 2017


To all those who are interested in the history of COG and Johann Melchizedek Peter,

This statement is issued as a final statement after exhaustive clarifications in various meetings recorded and archived in our Church Relations Department (CRD), so that members of COG and those who are followers of this end-time move, know that all historical controversies, accusations, allegations have been looked at and resolved as of the date of this statement 4 March 2017.

We consider all past controversies as of this date have been historically resolved, with all of the clarifications and explanation in the Archive of the CRD. 

Amongst the areas resolved and clarified are:

  1. Unblemished record of Dr Johann Melchizedek Peter in the handling of all finances from TOG (Tabernacle of Glory) time in Malaysia to the present time in COG (Ref: 5-page statement from meeting of TOG, Malaysia on 26th January 1997; Statements from leaders/elders; records of meeting on 26th February 2017).
  2. Except for one adultery, there has been NO physical sexual involvement with any other woman outside his previous marriage. The contents of emails circulated in three cases in 2009-2010, 2014-2015 amounting to “mental adultery” have been explained in the written response and in the public meeting on 26th February 2017, recorded and archived. We determine that the judgment for Matthew 5:27-28 (mental adultery) is the same category of Matthew 5:21-22 (anger), and belongs to the heavenly courts and not the earthly courts, and the protocol of Matthew 18 has not been followed in the handling of these cases. The accusers, who were offered opportunities to meet with the accused in the presence of and the witness of all leaders privately, refused countless times and instead the accusers chose to take it into the public arena. COG Council of Leaders also needed to consider the motivation behind all actions, both by the accused and the accusers. There has also been clarification done on the extenuating circumstances of these cases, as explained on 26th February 2017, and also in Dr Johann’s autobiography (Ref. Road to Glory Chapter 15 Miracles, Outpouring, Failures and Shakings).
  3. There is evidence that malicious lies, half-truths and the like have been circulated in various mass electronic formats based on one-sided accounts and testimonies, rather than with two or three witnesses of the same incident. Extracts from Dr Johann’s private prayer file was stolen and taken out of context with constant sharing of one-sided negative accusations. These were brought to the forefront in an international COG Leaders Meeting in May 2016, whereby all COG leaders expressed their undivided support for any decision Dr Johann has taken in his personal life to move forward.
  4. Many of the controversies were resolved when they had occurred; but conversely were recirculated by the accusers as “fresh attacks" and “fresh occurrences" of failures that they had altered and added malicious intent. The latest negative circulation of mass electronic media was restating issues resolved in March 2016 and in May 2016, where the “final solution” offered by opponents was the disintegration of COG and all ministries associated with this end-time move. Such "final solution" was definitely not the best, nor was it acceptable to COG leaders. COG Leaders International has resolved that the motivation and the methodology of opponents of this end-time move is incorrect, and thus are making a united stand in this statement; that having carefully considered the various issues raised, heard, answered, and recorded for future generations, as of 4th March 2017, will move forward and, having done all, forget that which is in the past, press forward to the upward call of Christ (Philippians 3:13-14).

The Bible has established that the methodology of ascertaining truth and facts are reliant on two or three witnesses of the same incident. Conversely, in the number of historical controversies in the past, there is reliance on a one-person testimony (incidences in the home, etc.). When before a council of leaders, with the other testimonies of the controversies shared, another different story emerges. It is in the opinion of COG leaders that there is no desire by any party to tell a lie or to mislead, but the remembrance of all incidents, and the re-telling of them can be affected by each person’s viewpoint and emotions, and how the incident impacts a person as we can see from the four gospel stories of our Lord Jesus. In pursuit of truth and justice, all the COG leaders have considered each case with the principles outlined in the addendum. Foremost of which is the motivation, background and belief system, and methodology used by each party to tell their one-sided story. There have been deliberate and factual twists made to the issues of some cases, such that the motivation of the accusers may be in the category of being questionable.

We also recognized that solutions to crisis and problems are not always satisfactory to all parties’ concern, especially if the requirement of one party is the total disintegration and destruction of the other.

In conclusion, as COG Leaders International, we will always strive to be fair-minded, just and fair, and declare all the controversies that have existed in the past as of this date 4th March 2017 have been dealt with fairly and justly.  In addition, we encourage all members of COG both old and new, including followers of this ministry and end-time move, to follow the Apostle Paul’s advice paraphrased below:

“Not that we have already attained, or am already perfected; but we press on, that we may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of us. Brethren, we do not count ourselves to have apprehended; but one thing we do, FORGETTING THOSE THINGS which are behind and REACHING FORWARD to those things which are ahead, we PRESS TOWARD THE GOAL for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”

  • Philippians 3:12-14

In the Love of Christ,

COG Leaders International, dated 4th March 2017


Addendum: Keys to Handling Church Problems and Crisis


1. Motivation

‘What’ is not the most important question to ask first. The first question to ask is ‘Why?’ Why do the accusers accuse? Why is the accused in that position? Are there self-interests motivating the accusations or crisis causers? If there are, what is the prime motivation? Is the prime motivation the discovery of truth or is the prime motivation seeking whatever facts or half-truths are available to substantiate a set view? What is the motive of everyone – the accused, the accuser, key players?

2. Context and Background

Is there a context or background to the problem or crisis? When statements are made or words quoted, are they quoted out of context or are they edited in such a manner as to present a view point? Are actions done taken out of context, and were there leading situations to it?

3. Biblical Protocol

Has biblical protocol been followed. If not, why is it not followed. Are the basic fairness and justice principles being followed? If not, why are they not being followed.

4. Content

The facts and content of church problems need to be full and exhaustive before conclusions are made. All data from all sources, both accuser and accused must be provided before conclusions are made. If data or facts are purposefully withheld, examine the reasons why it is withheld.

5. Belief System

What is the belief system of the accuser, the accused, or the victim? The differences in a belief system can sometimes explain the different interpretations of the same facts and data.

6. Victim, perpetrator and beneficiary

Who benefits from the crisis or problem created? Is there an actual victim? Have we identified clearly the perpetrator and victim? Who initiated all the action, problem, or crisis?

7. Sins, wrongs

What is the actual sin or wrong accused? It needs to be clearly identified and stated. Without proper articulation of the accused sin or crime, a lot of drama and sideshows will result.

8. Influence

What is the spiritual influence behind all actions? Is it God, the Holy Spirit or the devil? Or is it purely human perspective? Who are the major players in all the scenarios? If they are human, they need to be identified clearly for any solution to problems or crisis.


What does everyone want? 

What would satisfy the sense of righteousness in everyone? What does God want done in the situation?

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