As instructed by the Lord Jesus and His angels, we are conducting miracle services in which God and His angels will manifest and bring forth the miracles as a witness to the message of the end times that God has given. For all those who have a need of miracle, do come and in the atmosphere of worship allow the Lord Jesus to bring the working of miracles and healing upon your life. 

Update (30th Nov): We have completed five miracle services for 2015 (Jul-Nov), with wonderful testimonies from many who are touched and healed by the Lord. By His Mercy, the Lord wants to continue to bless His people. Henceforth, in the coming Sunday services, be prepared to receive your Miracles! 

COG Sunday Service Schedule:  10am and 2pm Venue

Thanksgiving service : 16th Dec 2015, 7pm. Venue

"During the Lord Jesus’ various heavenly revelations and teachings, He also revealed that this year being the genesis year, He would reveal that there will be some special signs and wonders, creative miracles that He will release in the year 2015. He showed three special creative miracles that will take place this year: the growing of an amputated leg, the healing of a man born blind and the instantaneous healing of a man with a heart condition whose heart pacer and scars from heart operation disappeared from the body.”  excerpted from Ps Johann autobiography “The Road to Glory” 

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