As instructed by the Lord Jesus and His angels, we are conducting miracle services in which God and His angels will manifest and bring forth the miracles as a witness to the message of the end times that God has given. 
For all those who have a need of miracle, do come and in the atmosphere of worship allow the Lord Jesus to bring the working of miracles and healing upon your life. 
We will be holding five Miracle Services for the year 2015 in which the Lord Jesus and His angels will be present.

Miracle Service Schedule:   (Click here for venue)

Wednesday July 29, 7pm 1st Miracle Service Testimony
Wednesday Aug 26, 7pm 2nd Miracle Service Testimony
Wednesday Sept 30, 7pm 3rd Miracle Service
Wednesday Oct 28, 7pm 4th Miracle Service
Wednesday Nov 25, 7pm 5th Miracle Service
Wednesday Dec 16, 7pm Thanksgiving Service
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