What's New?

Pastor Johann's new website is up and running. You can access it at http://johannministries.com/site or select from the site's menu above. Over 13-15 Dec 2013, starting from the Friday All-Night prayer meeting to the following Sunday Service, The Lord through His Holy Angels revealed to Pastor Peter his new name for the work He has set before him. Henceforth, Pastor Peter is known as Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter. Pastor Johann shared the name change on 12 Jan 2014 Sunday service (right click and choose "Save link as" to download).


Church Bulletin message

You can now read the message as shared by Ps Johann on the quarterly printed bulletin here (or choose from the site’s menu under “Message”)

Trip Update

Read Ps Johann’s blog on his recent trip to Madaba, Patmos and the 7 churches.


Book Updates

Updated version of  Volume 1 - 10 of Foundational Truth Series and "The Road to Glory” (Pastor Johann’s autobiography) are now available. Check under Resources / Books in Pastor Johann's site, or click here

Latest Message

Sunday Church Service

July 27, AM  Individual series: 5th Anniversary part 1
July 27, PM  Individual series: 5th Anniversary part 2

Bible Study

July 24    Foundational Truth series: Vol 10 How to be Led by the Holy Spirit

All Night Prayer

July 25    Endtime III series: The Decade of Glory

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