What's New?

Live from Israel & Jordan !

Sunday message “Midnight Hour - Beginning of 7x7 cycles” is now available both in video and audio. Apologies for the delay due to internet connectivity issues here at the hotel in Jordan. Check out the other on-site recorded messages by Pastor Johann from Israel & Jordan. 

Pastor Johann’s blog updated 

Pastor has updated his blog with the latest revelation of 18 Sept 2014 as the Midnight Hour for Planet Earth. The same blog article is also added as a new chapter to his autobiography <The Road to Glory>.

Water Baptism 

Congratulations to Benaiah, Lynn Chin (Sui Foon's daughter), Dorcas, Yann Leng, Mui Leng, Abigail & Aaron.


Book Updates

Updated version of  the following books are now available. Check under Resources / Books in Pastor Johann's site, or click here

  • Volume 1 - 14 of Foundational Truth Series
  • The Road to Glory (Pastor Johann’s autobiography)
  • Prosperity Through Grace 
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